Su objetivo científico está orientado a obtener nueva información climática  a partir de las mediciones de salinidad y una nueva visión de la circulación y procesos de mezcla en el oceáno, y así como detectar focos de alta temperatura en la superficie terrestre para la obtención de mapas de riesgo de incendios y humedad del suelo para dar alertas tempranas de inundaciones.

10ma Reunión de Ciencia SAC-D/Aquarius Files



pdf  1_Columnar Water Vapor Estimation Epeola Meza

pdf  2_project12_iafe_Grings1

pdf  3_Carmen1_DataAvailability_Colazo1

pdf  4_Radiation Belts during Geomagnetic Storms_Dasso Lanabere1

pdf  5_South Atlantic Circulation and Salinity_Piola1

pdf  7_Assimilation of Soil Moisture Estimate Goniadzki Quirno

pdf  8_Validation of Data from SAC-D Aquarius_Rivas1

pdf  9_SAC-D Contribution for a better understanding of environmental variables_Serafini1

icon 10 Effect of Climate Change on Aquatic Mammals cassini gomez

pdf  11_Sea Extension and Concentration Detection with MWR data_Salgado1

pdf  12_Studying SIC in the Weddell and Bellinghausen Sea_Lorenzo_Raed1

pdf  13_Use of SAC-D for Supporting Research in Fisheries and Ecosystems_Narvarte1

pdf  14_Volcanic Ash Detection, Monitoring and Environment Impact_Toyos_et_al1

pdf  15_Night Time Marine Pollution Analysis with satellite images_Cotlier1


pdf  1_Objectives Agenda_Laegerloef Torrusio

pdf  2_SACD_Aquarius Legacy Nov2015

pdf  3_Aq_Education and Public Outreach_DeCharon_Rabolli

pdf  4_SAC-D_Mission_overview_2015_Torrusio

pdf  5_NIRST_Calibration_HMarraco

pdf  6_DCS_Monitoring of glaciers _Mercado

pdf  7_An Algorithm for SS Wind Speed_Tauro

pdf  8_MWR Sea Ice Concentration_Masuelli-Salgado

pdf  9_WaterVapor_RainRate_RainFlag_Heredia

pdf  10_Global Atmospheric Products for MWR_Heredia


pdf  1_Ocean Surface Salinity from SMAP_Meissner

pdf  2_Indian Monsoon in the oceanic and terrestrial water balances_Liu

pdf  3_How can Ocean Salinity be an indicator of Ocean Water Cycle_Yu

pdf  4_Analyses of Seasonal to interannual variations and trends_Lagerloef

pdf  6_Salinity Variations on Synoptic Timescales_Kao

pdf  7_Interseasonal Sea Surface Salinity Variations in the NTPFP_Lee

pdf  8_Monitoring and Understanding Seasonal and interannual Variations of SSS_Fournie


icon 1_Aq Mission Status Overview and Data Reprocessing_Lagerloef

pdf  2_Tools, Services and Support of NASA Salinity Data_Tsontos Vazquez

pdf  3_Estimates of Uncertainties in the Aq Salinity Retrievals

pdf  4_Results from an Aq Instrument-Only Calibration_Misra

pdf  5_Aquarius Scatterometer Calibration_Fore.

pdf  7_Impact of Boundary Layer Stability_Brown

pdf  8_Aquarius Pioneering the L Band Passive and Active Microwave Remote Sensing

pdf  9_Soil Moisture Retrieval using Aq SAC-D Radiometer_Bruscatini


pdf  1_Low Frequency Thermohaline Variablilty in the S Atlantic Pyc_NKolodziejczyk

pdf  2_On the Seasonal Variations of Salinity of the Tropical Atlantic

pdf  3_South Atlantic Low-Frequency Variability From Soda


pdf  1_Shelf Open Exchanges in the SW Atlantic Ocean_Guerrero

pdf  2_Shel Open Ocean Exchanges Numerical Simulations_Matano

pdf  3_Seasonal Circulation on the Southwestern Atlantic Shelf-Strub

pdf  4_Evidence of Upwelling at the Northern Patagonian Shelf Break_VallaPiola

pdf  5_Bio-optical studies in the Argentine Sea_Dogliotti

pdf  6_South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation_Garzoli1

pdf  8_The Brazil-Malvinas Confluence_Piola1

pdf  9_Sea Surface Height Variability in Drake Passage_Donohue1

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