Punta Indio Space Center

At the Punta Indio Space Center, in the Buenos Aires province, zones for manufacture, integration and tests of big structural elements shall be placed; including a facility for mechanical tests where the dynamic tests shall be performed on complete vehicles. This also implies facilities for the integration, manufacture, workshops (mechanics and electronic- related) and associated warehouses.

The installation of a big anechoic room to perform tests of electromagnetic emissivity on the active components of satellites and launchers shall be under consideration.

At the CEPI, the high power engine test facilities for the first stage of the Tronador II shall be installed; as well as a stage test facility and a turbopump test facility, while a pressurized test facility for engines of 30 tons is already operative. In such area the launch support used for the experimental vehicles VEx1A/B and VEx5A/B can be found.


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