Mission Control Center

El Centro de Control de Misión nace con el lanzamiento del satélite  SAC-B , el 3 de Noviembre de 1996.


The Mission Control Center was created with the SAC-B  mission, a satellite designed for Sun studies.

The mission was not fulfilled due to a launcher failure.

In spite of the consequences this failure produced on the satellite’s attitude control and solar panels, the MOC was able to receive telemetry and to send commands for a couple of orbits, thus it was possible to check the correct satellite’s functioning as well as MOC`s functioning.

Afterwards, SAC-A is launched. It was a technologic experiment that allowed to assure MOC`s activities and to gain more experience.

Finally, the SAC-C was launched in November 2000. At present MOC is actively planning, operating and controlling this satellite from Cordoba Ground Station.