Activities and tasks developed at the CETT, related to Access to Spaceare:

  • Rocket Engine Development.
  • -Design Office and Technical Office, for the development of liquid-fueled rocket engines and associated systems, creation of drawings for manufacturing, suppliers follow-up, etc.
  •  Propellant Production: - Production plants of hypergolic fuels and oxidants. -Design of processes related to the propellant production.
  •  -Analytic Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Development, Integration and test for Avionics.
  • -Area of integration and tests on wiring and general avionics components and components associated to the thruster.
  • Rocket engine tests -Hypergolic engines test facility.
  • -Test Facility for micro-engines used in the development of ablative materials.
  •   Integration of experimental vehicles.
  • -Area of devices tests and integration of the subsystem of power to propulsion engines of experimental vehicles.
  • Area for the development and production of ablative materials.
  • -Factory of ablative materials for the combustion chamber and nozzles.
  • Office for the Ground Segment of the Access to Space Area Support to the ground segment and    associated systems.
  • Safety and Health Office.
  • -Drafting of safety procedures, support to fire tests and campaigns for the execution of associated tasks.