The Spatialization and Assurance Laboratory, under the Mission Assurance Unit is devoted to some assurance aspects such as EEE Parts Engineering (EEE: Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical), materials and processes and contamination.

At the sector of EEE parts, there is a facility to perform inspection to electronic parts, manufacturing and failure analysis, performance evaluation, etc. Besides, thorough tests are performed to determine if some parts of commercial or industrial use can be used in the outer space with an acceptable risk for a given space mission; in which case a similar product can be obtained at a lower cost.

The Material and Process Area has equipments for production of electronic prototypes, process analysis, polymeric applications to circuits and a workmanship training center, where the technicians and inspectors of electronic and electric production for the CONAE space projects are trained and certified.

The Contamination Engineering Area assesses the vacuum performance of the materials used in the space and controls and analyses the cleaning of the space vehicles and areas.