Cordoba Ground Station

La Estación Terrena Córdoba se encuentra localizada en el Centro Espacial Teófilo Tabanera, entre dos pequeñas cadenas montañosas, a 30km al sud-oeste de la Ciudad de Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba.

Satellite Data

Córdoba Ground Station is considered one of the most advanced facilities of this type around the world by local and foreign specialist.

The satellite data are downloaded directly onto high speed discs, which enable to immediately start the generation of a low-resolution product (Quick look) and afterwards the products are catalogued. That implies that the user can verify the newest data only 20 minutes after it has been acquired to request its production.

For example, a first Landsat 7 product the may be ready to be delivered 45 minutes after completion of data reception.  For other satellites, the time delay may be even shorter.

At present an average of 1000 high quality products, from X-Band radar onboard the satellite, is being monthly delivered.  Thousands of products from L-Band radar are also delivered on a regular monthly basis.

The average delivery time for a stored product is less than 24 hours from the arrival time of the production order at the Ground Station to its delivery by post.  This time can be reduced to less than 2 hours for delivery through electronic means, depending on the customer´s Internet bandwidth.

As a result of additional computer equipment added and a re-engineering of the managerial and processing software currently used, the monthly production is expected to reach some 3000 units under the same operational conditions.