The Integration and Tests Laboratory (LIE because of the acronym in Spanish Laboratorio de Integración y Ensayos) is located at the Teófilo Tabanera Space Center, in Falda de Cañete, Córdoba, Argentine Republic.

The LIE mission is to offer the necessary facilities, infrastructure, equipment and the specialized staff for the testing of space components and instruments (of satellites or launchers).

The LIE has cutting edge equipments used in the aerospace industry to simulate on Earth the conditions that the unit to be tested (DUT: Device under test) shall suffer on Space. This simulation is made through high vacuum tests with thermal cycling, mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic compatibility tests and antennas measurements. Besides, to protect the DUT from the thermal range to be found at the Space, there is a Space Coating Laboratory.

It has the following facilities:

  • Integration Room class 10.000
  • Integration Room class 100.000
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory(LaCEM)
  • Antennas measurement Laboratory (LaMA)
  • Mechanical Tests Laboratory (LEM)
  • Space Coating Laboratory (LaRES)
  • Laboratory for RF Tests (LaRF)
  • Thermal Tests Laboratory
  • Information Technology Laboratory (IT)
  • Software Laboratory

Integration and Test Laboratory