Cordoba Ground Station

La Estación Terrena Córdoba se encuentra localizada en el Centro Espacial Teófilo Tabanera, entre dos pequeñas cadenas montañosas, a 30km al sud-oeste de la Ciudad de Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba.


Córdoba Ground Station is located at the Teófilo Tabanera Space Center, between two hill ranges, 30kms from Córdoba City on the central-western area of the Province of Cordoba. This is a tourist area with plenty accommodations and transport facilities.

Its geographic coordinates are:

  • Latitude - 31.524075 - 31º 31’23.6765s
  • Longitude - 64.463522 - 64º 27’48.6834s
  • Altitude -2395 pies 730 metros

The Station can be reached from the highway joining Córdoba City with Carlos Paz or directly from Alta Gracia.
Córdoba International Airport called “Ing. Ambrosio L. V. Taravella", better known as "Pajas Blancas Airport", is situated 10 km north from downtown. Domestic and international flights make frequent connections with Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, U.S.A, etc., as well as the main urban and tourist centers of the country.

Estación Terrena Córdoba - Centro Espacial Teófilo Tabanera - CONAE
Ruta C45 Km 8 - cp (5187) - Falda del Carmen - Provincia de Córdoba
República Argentina

Phone: +54-3547-431000 (líneas rotativas)
FAX: +54-3547-431032 o 425999