Missions Control Center


The Mission Control Center (CCM because of the acronym in Spanish Centro de Control de Mision) is responsible for the scheduling and operation of the flight satellite platform. From the generation of commands and telemetry analysis, all the activities performed by the CONAE satellites can be monitored and managed.

It is in charge of monitoring the platform and its instruments during the whole lifespan of the satellite by applying orbit corrections or adjusting the calibration of the different instruments integrated to the satellite.

Their activity started in November 1996 and from that moment on it has controlled the following CONAE satellite missions: SAC-A, SAC-B, SAC-C and SAC-D. It is updating the systems to control the future SAOCOM-1A, SAOCOM-1B and SABIA-Mar Missions.

In order to command the satellite missions from the CCM, it is necessary to have access to a network of ground stations located at different places in the world which allow the connection to the satellite anytime and under any condition. That’s the reason of the coordinated work with ground stations from other agencies, including a special network of support supplied by NASA.