Cordoba Ground Station

The Córdoba Ground Station (ETC because of the acronym in Spanish: Estación Terrena Córdoba) performs activities of reception, processing, publication and storage of satellite information generated by different Earth Observation satellites.

From the ETC, the Argentinean satellites SAC-A, SAC-B, SAC-C and SAC-D have been controlled and the ETC receives images of other international satellites, such as Landsat, Spot, EROS, Terra, Aqua, NPP and the NOAA and GOES series.

Furthermore, it is a member of the ground stations network that supports the SIASGE, consisted of the operative satellites from the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Cosmo-Skymed satellites and for the SAOCOM -1A and SAOCOM -1B satellites to be launched soon.

It also supports the national missions scheduled in the Space Program, as well as other international missions with specific agreements to use the CONAE’s services and share the use of generated data in the downlink and the telemetry, tracking and control tasks (TT&C).

The update and improvement of the hardware and software systems shall be continued in order to enable the incorporation of the remaining satellites from the Space Program (SAOCOM, SABIA- Mar and SARE).

The satellite data acquired at the ETC can be accessed at:

Image Catalog

Those persons requiring information about ETC-generated products should address to:  

Customer Service



CETT Panoramic view