Cordoba Ground Station

La Estación Terrena Córdoba se encuentra localizada en el Centro Espacial Teófilo Tabanera, entre dos pequeñas cadenas montañosas, a 30km al sud-oeste de la Ciudad de Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba.


The installation of Cordoba Ground Station started in September 1996. Its official functioning began in March 1997, with the reception of satellite data from Landsat 5, ERS 1/2, and SPOT 1/2.

Until December 1997, the Ground Station worked thanks to an Agreement with the German Space Agency (DLR). As part of it, DLR provided a Band X antenna of 4 m diameter, so as to complete the Tandem Mission in South America with satellites ERS 1 and ERS 2.

In December 1997, regular operation of the Station continues by adding a 7.3 m antenna from DATRON. From 1999, a new 13 m DATRON antenna performs the regular operation.