The SARE series is broken down in two different groups:

  • Optical SARE
  • Microwaves SARE

Sare series


The SARE series is made of light satellites, which shall be injected into orbit by the Argentinean launchers Tronador II and Tronador III, as available. They will be part of satellite missions of Earth Observation and will play a part in the set of distributed architecture satellites as said technology is materialized.  They will take part in a series of missions with common features and components and with the capacity of interacting with each other and sharing resources, maximizing the national components.

This Series is broken down in two different groups: SARE with optical payload and SARE with microwave payload (specially the Synthetic Aperture Radar-SAR).

Regarding the optical SARE, the first mission will be a cluster of satellites with high spatial resolution sensors. Each satellite will have on board a panchromatic camera and a multispectral camera with four to seven bands distributed in the visible spectrum and the infrared.  The mission shall be mainly focused to the urban aspects, mapping, transportation and security and the data provided shall also be useful to other subjects, such as agriculture, hydrology, land use and coverage, change detection, coastal analysis and emergencies, among others.

Within the microwaves SARE, a cluster of X-band SAR non-polarimetric satellites shall be implemented as a first step. These will contribute to agriculture and shall be very useful for emergencies, security, illegal fishing and every topic related to the generation of digital elevation maps, mapping, land-use planning and urban studies.