Satellite Missions

Accomplished Missions SAC series (With optical instruments)

Under development: SAOCOM (Active microwaves), SABIA-Mar (optical and passive microwaves), SARE (optical and microwaves series))

                        Distributed Architecture

Satellite Missions

CONAE develops own satellite missions according to data and information requirements that the community of users identifies in each period. Therefore, it is in charge of the design, building, calibration, integration and tests, as well as the injection into orbit of the satellites, whether by third parties or by own launchers.

In turn, and with the aim of enhancing the mission capabilities, they are integrated with the ones of other Space Agencies, constituting satellite constellations that operate jointly in order to improve quality, quantity and type of information, enhancing significantly the range of choices.

CONAE has accomplished so far 4 satellite missions: the so called SAC series with optical instruments, and projects of joint cooperation CONAE-NASA, with the participation of other space agencies. The SAC-A (technological mission), SAC-C and SAC-D/Aquarius (Earth Observation) have fulfilled their missions. SAC_B (Astrophisics) has not fulfilled its mission due to a failure in the satellite separation.

Within this line of satellites there is under development the SABIA-Mar satellite, with Argentinean instruments in the optical range and passive microwaves.

Futhermore the SAOCOM series is under development, with Argentinean instruments in the range of active microwave.  These ones will be part of the SIASGE System along with the COSMO-SkyMed Italian satellites supplied by ASI, with joint usage of the data.

One of the main line of actions is the development of the Distributed Architecture, a new way of integration to conform a satellite mission through a program for the technologic development of a new generation of satellite platforms and instruments, together with the development of launchers, with the purpose of meeting the users demands faster, where the typical functions of the satellite instruments are distributed in platforms that fly as a cluster.

Within this new structure, the SARE series is planned and consists of light satellites with different kind of instruments according to users demands.