Satellite Missions

CONAE ha definido dos familias de misiones satelitales, según los instrumentos argentinos principales que llevan a bordo.

Satellite Missions

CONAE has defined two families of remote-sensing satellite missions according to their Argentine main on-board instruments:

SAC series with national instruments focused on the optical range

SAC-A (technological) and SAC-B (astrophysical) satellites had concluded their missions.
SAC-C satellite is currently under operation.
SAC-D/Aquarius, SAC-E/SABIA, and SAC-F/ALSAT-2 missions are currently under development

SAOCOM series with national instruments in the microwave spectrum (radar)

SAOCOM mission considers 4 platforms, 1 A/B and 2 A/B, where A/B components are basically similar, while the series 2 includes technological improvements resulting from previous missions. The SAOCOM 1 is currently under development.

  • The SAC-A, SAC-B and SAC-C satellites were conceived by CONAE and totally built in Argentina by INVAP, S.E. as main contractor.  The SAOCOM and SAC-D satellites, presently under production, are also provided by INVAP, S.E.