Development Programs

A series of programs to improve the distributed architecture of platforms and instruments shall be developed. Among them there are:

  1. a) Communications

Developing the communication systems that will enable the segments to communicate each other and with the ground stations, with different communication speeds and coverage time depending on the used technologies. It includes the development of communication protocols and flight software libraries.

  1. b) Navigation in clusters

To develop every necessary technology that enables the availability of:

  • Techniques and alternatives of formation flight with resolutions at the orbit in kilometers, meters or centimeters depending on the application, with a high accuracy relative positioning system using GPS.
  • Necessary algorithms to solve the orbital dynamics of the cluster satellites in an absolute and relative way.
  • Systems enabling the coupling of modules in the space (Docking).
  1. c) Payloads

The development program of payloads is to be defined according to the national demands and the international agreements and relationships developing through the program.

 Technology to be developed:

  • Medium and High spatial resolution
  • Super and Hyperspectral
  • High sensitivity and thermal infrared
  • Laser
  • Radar