Platform and Instruments

For platforms, a model of small satellites is proposed, with masses of up to 1000 kg, which are within the expected capacities for the Tronador launchers.

The new segments that must carry payloads or additional resources can be manufactured faster due to the reuse of the subsystems and the distribution of the redundancies among multiple segments, which simplifies the design and lower the cost of each one. A new segment can take advantage of the infrastructure already in orbit, simplifying the incorporation of an additional instrument.

The fundamental innovation of this architecture is not the physical fragmentation but the possibilities of data flow reconfiguration.

Regarding the Earth Observation instruments, a line of these segments is intended to be developed; they are expected to have equal capacities and even exceed the bigger instruments that nowadays can be injected into orbit.

The Distributed Architecture offers a new possibility: The integration of mixed distributed instruments. This will enable to integrate novel instruments for the data generation or observations that none of the segments could obtain by itself, even in a greater amount.