National Space Program

CONAE has the mission of proposing and executing a National Space Program, which is a strategic plan for the space activities and constitutes a government policy of national priority.

The main goal of the Program is the developing of the knowledge and technology within the space field which is materialized through three components:

  • Earth Observation: To have space information and its applications, about our continental and maritime territory, in order to improve the population quality of life, and to contribute to the economic and productive sectors of the country, to increase its productivity and competitiveness at national and international level.
  • Exploration and peaceful use of outer spaceTo open new frontiers of exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, with cooperation among countries, the implementation of joint projects and missions with shared results and benefits in an associative and non-competitive manner.
  • Technological developments for space use: To promote the development of the national industry, promoting the growth and the creation of new companies that produce innovative technologies, expanding their scope of participation at an international level with the contribution of high added value to its productive chain.

The plan must also contribute to the national scientific-technological field, both in terms of advanced knowledge and new opportunities for education and work through the creation of specific careers and related specialties.

Another fundamental contribution to society is the training of users for the use of space information and the reaching to society as a whole on a massive scale, from education to the productive sector, through extensive training programs, specific geospatial developments and in work in territory.

The first version of the Space Program covered the period 1995-2006, the second one 1997-2008 and the third one 2004-2015, updated in 2010.

The currently in force program is “Plan Espacial Nacional 2016-2027”, which has been approved by the CONAE’s Board of Directors.