National Space Program

The mission of CONAE is to propose and implement a National Space Plan, which has the status of Strategic Plan for space activities, establishing a clear state policy of national priority. This long-term strategic plan states that all CONAE activities and projects must be focused on generating appropriate and well-timed spatial information of our continental and maritime territory in order to contribute to the optimization of socio-economic requirements of our country.

This Plan has a main goal: the development of knowledge and infrastructure technology so that socio-economic and productive sectors of our country have access, in the best possible conditions, to the information that space technology can offer, in order to increase their productivity and competitiveness. This information is valuable for government management, scientific and technological areas, productive sector and federal planning, as well.

First release of Space Plan was named "Argentina in Space 1995-2006", which got two later reviews: Plan 1997-2008 and 2004-2015. These plans, approved by the Executive, are to be updated, with approval of the Board of CONAE, taking into account goals achievement, budget changes and technological improvements, as well.

The currently effective Plan is "Argentina in Space 2004-2015, updated in 2010".

The Spatial Plan is focused on the built up of complete Space Information Cycles, i.e. a gathering of accurate and well-timed information from space origin devoted to optimize the development of specific areas in the socio-economic field throughout the country. These cycles make CONAE’s activities to be consistent and provide for their proper interaction.

Pursuant to the global objectives established in the Space Information Cycles, CONAE performs its duties arranging activities in five Courses of Action.