Gulich Institute

Gulich Institute

The Institute for Advanced Space Studies Mario Gulich key objectives are to generate advanced knowledge and develop innovative use of space information, as well as to form highly skilled human resources focused on the support and development of Space Information Cycles.

Established as a joint project between CONAE and Córdoba National University, it is located at the Teófilo Tabanera Space Center in the province of Córdoba.  It has been named in honor of former CONAE physicist Mario Gulich, who conceived the first Argentine satellite for scientific applications: the SAC-B. Mr. Gulich passed away in 1994.

The Institute accomplishes its mission organizing space information and technology activities in two large working areas:

  • To develop innovative applications for the management of natural and human- induced emergencies, particularly at the prevention and early warning phases. These activities contribute to the Space Information Cycle about disaster management.
  • To solve problems related to human health, especially in connection with landscape epidemiology (to assess areas at-risk of endemic disease).

Multidisciplinary and multi-institutional programs are currently under way, including the use of space data, GIS modeling and tooling as well as parallel computer techniques and specialized programming methods available at the Institute.

To cope with these programs, the Institute provides specific training to the participants to attain the qualification level required for the successful accomplishment of the objectives.