Distributed Arquitecture


As a consequence of the need of providing a quick response to the users demands regarding the Earth observation from the Space data, CONAE is developing a program called Distributed Architecture for the technological development of a new generation of satellites and instruments through a set of small platforms (segments) which through a coordinated operation may provide equal or even better responses than the ones obtained by means of a single platform. The line of Tronador launchers is part of this program.

Each segment is a satellite with a platform having typical functions, but it also carries a single payload or a single system resource, such as the data processor or the solid state recorder or a transmitter for the data downlink. It embraces the platform as well as the payload, which will make available the quick incorporation of instruments into an infrastructure in space to provide quick responses for new requirements of space data.

The whole deployment of this architecture shall require advanced scientific and technical developments in hardware as well as in software, which are found within the capacities of the Argentinean scientific and technical system.