CONAE is the only Federal Government agency competent to act public and privately in the scientific, technical, industrial, commercial, administrative and financial fields and the only capable of proposing activity promotion and implementation policies for peaceful purposes in  ​​space area though out all Argentina territory.

Its mission is to help, based on the knowledge resultant of scientific-technological space activities, to the development of socio-economic sectors of our country, to the improvement of life quality, and to the improvement and conservation of global environment, as well as to provide information for an effective execution of Federal Government. With this aim, as a specialized agency, CONAE must propose and implement a National Space Program, considered state policy, in order to use space science and technology for peaceful purposes.

All this is carried out by means of an Earth Observation Program, which is the main objective of the Spatial Program, and looking into the future, widens its activities venturing into the Outer Space.

Additionally, CONAE is the executing authority on space objects registration, which is listed on the National Register of Objects Launched into Outer Space.

CONAE’s main activities are:

• To satisfy needs on space information demanded by economic sectors and society, providing the necessary training for their jobs.

• Strengthen liaison with scientific and educational community.

• Develop and implement advanced technological concepts providing the maximum benefit to society using the information provided.

• Act as space architect, privileging knowledge management, optimizing the use of human resources and concentrating national resources to generate strategic information on time.