Technological Developments For Spatial Use

Since its creation, CONAE has had the commitment to support the technological development of the country from the several activities it performs and to accompany the social, economic, environmental and productive processes in the face of the new challenges of the 21st century. Thus, it plays a leading role in the creation of new knowledge derived from space activity and its application to the development of the country with technological independence, and a full mastery of space-related technologies; and within the framework of autonomy, build and inject into orbit its own satellites by means of national launchers.

The road towards mastery of this technology, which, like nuclear one, requires advanced developments and strict quality standards, pushes the scientific, technical and industrial fields towards high quality levels that are then spread to other sectors. The results of the new technologies have promoted, in all the countries with significant space activities, very high value-added developments in the productive chain. Argentina is not an exception, having promoted (which it must keep doing) the growth and creation of new companies that can go from being suppliers according to the CONAE’s requirements, to creators of new technologies and export companies of very high added value.

The action in the field of space activities contributes to strengthening the fundamental aspects of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) such as human resources, infrastructure, organization, articulation and coordination, enhancing its capacity to meet productive and social environmental demands, optimizing the use of available resources.

It also promotes the development of the national industry by broadening its scope of competence at international level with the contribution of high added value in its production chain dominating critical technologies in the space area, difficult to obtain in the world market. It also enables the national scientific-technological environment to access new knowledge and the creation of specific careers and related specialties, opening up frontiers that must be explored.