Exploration and Pacific Use of Outer Space

The exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, from the proximities of the Earth to deep space, constitutes an important tool for the country's international insertion in the field of scientific and technological research of outer space as well as the participation in the implementation of interplanetary missions, within the framework of international associative cooperation.

In this sense, the Program includes the development of Global Navigation Technology supported by satellites conformed by augmentation systems that provide services that the constellations cannot provide themselves, as well as the collaboration, through scientific and technological proposals, in international initiatives of robotic and human missions to other planets both in the solar system and outside it.

CONAE participates in the European Space Agency's Remote Space Networks and the Chinese Launch and Control Agency as an implementing agency in the international agreements about the space activities in Argentina. It also coordinates for the scientific community of our country the use of the time available for observing antennas installed in our territory that are used for tracking interplanetary missions.

Supporting these projects as well as participating in the development of systems and components for interplanetary missions, will represent a benefit for the Argentine scientific community and for international space cooperation programs, incorporating the country within the Exploratory Nations of Outer Space.