Courses of action

In order to achieve the overall goals stated at Space Information Cycles, CONAE fulfils its duties organizing the activities in five courses of action, each of which are geared to meet certain partial aspects of them.

  • Course of Action A:  Ground infrastructure. Includes all activities to operate and maintain ground facilities and technical installations.  Includes the Córdoba Ground Station, the Mission Control Center and the Testing and Integration Facility.
  • Course of Action B: Satellite systems. Includes all activities to design, build and operate space crafts, currently including SAC, SAOCOM and SARE series. As future strategy, a programme of segmented architecture is proposed.
  • Course of Action C: Information systems. Includes processing, transmission and use of information gathered in space, which is used for the development of Complete Space Information Cycles (CIEs)
  • Course of Action D: Access to space. Includes all actions taken to allow placement in orbit of satellites included in the Space Program.
  • Course of Action E: Institutional development and basic tasks. Refers to CONAE institutional development and its link to other national and foreign institutions. Includes education and training in space science, space technology, and in the use of applications as well.