SAOCOM Announcement of opportunity

The National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) through the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) makes a call for all the researchers belonging to the Argentinean scientific and technological community and educational system and research institutes to submit projects aimed to research and development of applications, and to the commissioning of methodologies. The proposals must have goals with peaceful purposes for research, development and benefit to the socio-economic system. In this way the users can conduct researches supporting the missions CONAE is developing under the National Space Program (see In this sense, where possible, CONAE provides users with all kind of satellite information, particularly the one coming from its own missions.  Specially, as regards to the SAOCOM Mission, the projects shall specifically contemplate the use of SAR data (Synthetic Aperture Radar), among other data.

Every AO in this site are framed within the AO Program that CONAE has for the SAOCOM 1/SIASGE Mission (see ). Said mission is under development by CONAE and is composed of the Argentinean SAOCOM 1A and 1B satellites and the four Italian satellites COSMO SkyMed, currently orbiting.

Thus CONAE integrates research, development, education and promotion to strengthen the development of knowledge and innovation in the priority areas contemplated by the National Space Program.

In this sense, the objectives of the Announcement of Opportunities Program are:

  • Support the development of science and technology within the framework of the National Space Program;
  • Promote the continuous development of a critical mass with researchers and users in terms of the SAR data usage;
  • Support the compilation of information, the developments and research related to general remote-sensing topics;
  • Generate for the users opportunities of training and a habit in the use of SAR data, as source of high information content.

The first AO of the Program, aimed to the development of applications and commissioning of methodologies using L-Band Polarimetric SAR images was launched in 2010 and it is already complete.

Nowadays there is an AO in progress aimed to the development and commissioning of methodologies for the oceanographic area using SAR images (AO Ocean).